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Oh I love it when they give numbers. When Analysts give numbers, the more accurate they are, the better the Analyst. Conversely, if their numbers are way off, then it should be career ruining for them. Or in the very least merit ignoring them the next time they try to give you advice on Tesla.

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  • When Tesla issued that guidance in January, CEO Elon Musk said he was still "optimistic about being profitable in Q1." But he admitted a month later that he expected a modest first quarter loss.
  • By the middle of March, Musk was emailing employees and asking them to do whatever they could to deliver every car possible before the quarter closed.
  • That could also stir up new concerns among some investors about whether Tesla has enough cash going forward.
  • In addition to those debt repayments, Tesla needs more cash soon as it prepares to start making the Model Y. It's also building a plant in Shanghai.
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  • Tesla will report first quarter sales and production figures Tuesday, and Wall Street analysts expect them to be sharply lower than the 90,700 cars that the company sold and delivered to customers last quarter.
  • Analysts predict Tesla delivered just over 50,000 cars over the last three months.
  • That tax credit has been cut in half for sales completed in 2019 — potentially making a Tesla a somewhat tougher sell for budget-conscious buyers.
doubt points (2)
  • Tesla sales have never fallen so much quarter-over-quarter.
  • All of that means this week's report could reveal the first quarter-to-quarter drop in sales at Tesla in nearly two years — and what is likely to be its largest drop in sales by far

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