April 21st, 2023

Pace of AI has been insane. Humans have challenges. Health, alertness, impairment, dietary needs, bathroom breaks, repetitive strain injuries etc.

Robots just go as long as the electrons flow.

But what about the mind? Certainly, we will be more creative than the robots, right? Nope. Not only can a program generate art in seconds (what would takes us days) that is better than 90% of the artists out there. Here is an example from Midjourney:

As it turns out, way faster and way better. Midjourney will generate 4 images in about 10 seconds. You can pursue one further or upscale it in a couple more seconds.

What is this AI in the form of Machine Learning and what makes it so good? Well, it is various algorithms combined to create a model. You take many samples of data and digest it into a model. That model can then be used to predict outputs. For example:

In the last year, we have had image generators beat graphic artists on time and quality. We've got chat bots that can guide you through pretty much anything. And this is just the beginning.

The Tesla robot will change reality. In humanoid form, I don't see any reason the robot cannot work 23.99 hours a day with a one-minute battery break. Out with the old 4680s, in with the new.

This humanoid would be so efficient, it would actually be difficult for most humans to keep them busy. If a robot can do the work of 3 humans, in fact, much more work with higher precision rates you can replace all labor on the planet with a fraction of robots.

A robot won't take 18 years to mature. It will take minutes (software transfer speed). Robots could be tasked with building more robots. If every robot's first task is to build 2 more robots, the robot population would grow exponentially.

This raises the question... if we have 8B robots on Earth, what extraordinary things could be built? What would the cities look like? Once one robot learns something, they all learn it. Humans just can't compete on any level. Doctor robots, Physical Trainer robots, Chef robots, Lawyer robots, Farmer robots, Delivery robots, Refuse, Gardener, Barber, Carpenter, Mason, Electrician, Roofer, Maid ... it really makes no difference. They will be faster and more perfect than almost all, if not all humans at everything.

What else could happen? Mars! Have robots go to Mars and fix air and food so we can come and visit without dying.

Exciting times. Let's make the future good.

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