April 21st, 2023

I wanted to create a Roblox game. It was coming along slowly. I insist on developing in Linux which means I had to Wine Roblox Studio. After working several days, I was dissappointed with my progress.

The game was to captue a flag and bring it to the top of an obby. First person shooter. Single player worked really well. But upon testing 2 player Roblox Studio started to crash. So bad that I had to delete all versions installed and reinstall Roblox Studio to get it to work a single time. It is very frustrating.

The Lau language has arrays that start at 1. It's weird.

Anyway, with Auto GPT out now, how cool would it be to build a better, open javascript web version of the 3d game. If done right, people could create games with prompts.

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