March 29th, 2023

If you look at Tesla's quarterly numbers, lately you can see that lately, the gap between production and deliveries is widening.

Undelivered cars are increasing. There have been explanations for this. ie: The cars are en route to customers, there aren't enough ships to transport them all. The end-of-quarter push no longer makes sense.

Perhaps, that is the case. I do wonder though... has Hertz taken delivery of all 100,000 cars ordered yet? If not, why not? Shouldn't any leftover cars Tesla has be delivered to Hertz making all cars delivered?

It is possible that these cars are just en route to customers and Hertz has no claim to undelivered surplus. But perhaps, Tesla is intentionally creating this gap and widening it so that the number of undelivered cars increases. Why would Tesla want more and more cars undelivered?

Perhaps, the time will come when Tesla wants to put tens of thousands of cars towards a specific use. Perhaps when FSD is solved, Tesla wants to be in a position where tens of thousands of cars are available to become immediate Robotaxis.

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