October 31st, 2021

A recent CNN headline has come under fire recently for attempting to falsely claim that Elon Musk could solve world hunger with a fraction of his wealth.

This article attempts to lure traffic to CNN Business with the fake headline:

2% of Elon Musk's wealth could solve world hunger, says director of UN food scarcity organization

This article preys upon the non-thinkers and unfortunately makes those who oppose Elon even stupider than they were yesterday. As Dr. Eli David correctly points out, the UN World Food Program (WFP) has failed every year since existence to end world hunger. But at a fraction of their budget, Elon can accomplish this?

In no way does it makes sense that a mere $6B could possibly solve world hunger indefinitely. But when CNN's negligence at fact checking is combined with their sheer journalistic stupidity, you have a recipe for Elon to troll so savagely that it makes the authors of the article Eoin McSweeney and Adam Pourahmadi look like two of the worlds biggest dimwits.

In a reply to CNN's incompetence, Elon challenges the truth:

This gives the WFP free reign to acquire a $6B budget if they can only prove the outlandish claim. Unfortunately, the WFP Chief David Beasley immediately concedes the claim and points out that CNN lied to embellish and sensationalize their unjust attack on Elon Musk.

David Beasley then goes on to attempt to coax Elon into a private discussion which Elon was extremely clear he had no interest in. Elon wants an open model with an itemized spending list to ensure accountability. He does not want his time wasted by a salesman.

Any proposal of spending $6B towards solving world hunger would have to be weighed against the investment of $6B of solar powered shipping containers which grow food from Kimbal Musk's Square Roots project.

I have strong doubts that the WFP can provide anything close to the sustainability which Kimbal could achive with the same amount of money.

As for CNN, this isn't the first time they tried to attract visitors with an Elon Musk smear campaign. On April 16, 2020 despite numerous public posts on Twitter thanking Elon for the ventilator donations, Jon Passantino released the article entitled: Elon Musk's promised ventilators never delivered to California hospitals, governor's office says

What do CNN fans think of the recent lack of journalistic integrity?

CNN used to be good. You could count on them for having good coverage of important events. But in the last couple of years, it has really gone downhill.

David Sturgis

Whether it is CNN trying to attract traffic by leeching off of Elon's name, or journalists being told to propagate the anti-billionaire narrative, I guess we may never know. The most amazing part of all of this, is that CNN still exists.

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