March 15th, 2021

Probably. Would a company in Isreal go to the extent of creating a hazardous colon pill? Unlikely IMO.

It would make much more sense that some great researchers have banded together over many years... make a product that can truly help people. I have never seen a stock so beaten down with so much promise.

I love Check Cap. I would take it thrice a day or as often as Health Canada allowed me to do so.

If approved, the amount of gastrointestinal data collected will spike.

This data could allow humans to monitor their health in ways we haven't even imagined. Joining gastrointestinal data to dietary data or blood samples can provide new insights and new opportunities to apply machine learning health optimizations as well.*Mental note: register a domain for AI menu planner*

On Tom Nash's recommendation, I researched this company and loved what I saw.

I have become a Check Cap advocate and shareholder because I have a strong belief this will benefit my own health and the health of millions of people.

*Mental note: register domain for bowl movement store so pill filtration section can exist*

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