January 10th, 2021

I think Tesla will get into prefab homes in Austin Texas and build their first "Tesla Home" community.

What we have now: Solar installers go to one house per neighbourhood and have scattered backlog.

What makes more sense: Solar installers have streamlined backlog of houses next to each other. Equipment moving is minimized.

Where can you build houses next to each other *that have tons of Sun*? New developments *in Austin Texas*.

How do you build houses as fast as possible? Build them with robots indoors.

Austin Texas housing demand is a big challenge right now according to David Lee. If anybody is going to cut through regulation to build it's Tesla. They already have.

Tunnels from the Gigafactory will sprawl out to undeveloped areas. The factory will produce pre-fab homes and transport them through tunnels to new areas.

Tesla will be able to create homes for factory workers at great prices. They have to. Residential needs for new Tesla employees at the factory have to be met somehow.

Perhaps Elon himself has taken possession of the first "Tesla Home" prototype.

Perhaps a Tunnel exists from his house to the Gigafactory *pronounced Terafactory*.

Perhaps the tunnel will begin to sprawl to more and more locations in a way that leads to prefab homes being transported mainly underground and popping up new suburbs all over Austin.

Little boxes on the hillside. Little boxes made of Tesla tacky. Little boxes on the hillside. Little boxes so awesome.

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