January 10th, 2021

Many things about this project are in common with the idea for CybertruckServices.com. So please read that first.

NearSuperchargers.com is another idea which can benefit Tesla owners. But it is quite a bit more forward thinking than CybertruckServices.com.

As Elon says - "the best part is no part. The best process is no process." CybertruckServices.com would work even better if it didn't exist. That is, lawns mow themselves and driveways plow themselves. Or something to that effect. The point is, CybertruckServices is more likely to be disrupted by innovation.

NearSuperchargers.com can be rolled out in a series of phases. But the main goal is to fascilitate product flow from merchants near Superchargers to Tesla vehicles.

For this, the primary first step is to index products. By indexing as many products to be sold around any Supercharger as possible, somebody who arrives at the Supercharger could browse more quickly in their car to find products. Without making NearSuperchargers.com an e-commerce platform it could be useful as a shopping guide.

Next, you integrate the shopping platform to stores which support at the very least putting the order together.

What we have now. I pull up to a Supercharger and I want to buy a pair of tan corduroy pants. I go to Roots where I find a pair, Columbia no luck, and Levi's but Levi's is much more expensive. So I go back to Roots and make the purchase.

What we have with NearSuperchargers.com: I pull up to a Supercharger, I bring up nearsuperchargers.com, search tan corduroy pants find the ones I like in stock at Roots for the cheapest price.

That alone will save me minutes and provide me with a better Supercharging shopping experience than I currently have.

But this is just the beginning. If stores embrace this website, they could opt to allow orders to be placed from your car. They could put the order together for you and bring it to your car. It will never be a 100% adoption rate, but we wont have a 100% product index rate either.

To ensure it is fair to all merchants to be a part of NearSuperchargers.com we can provide an example spreadsheet which allows any store to submit their products, product attributes, pricing and in stock boolean.

Integrating into larger inventory or point of sale systems, would be done at the expense of the stores under terms to be negotiated.

With the additional support of stores providing fulfillment services and delivery to Tesla vehicles, NearSuperchargers.com would be poised and primed to provide the absolute best delivery experience to customers of the future when robo-taxi hits.

What we have now: At home, I find a product I want on Amazon and my Amazon Prime membership brings that product to me next day.

What we have with NearSuperchargers.com: At home, I find a product on NearSuperchargers.com it could be delivered to me faster than if I were to drive to the store shop and drive home. The driving time would be altered because the product could be delivered to robo-taxi which starts at the store and comes to me.

Digital transfer is the best, most instant way of fulfilling an order. Examples: Ebooks, Superchats, Facebook/Google ads, Digital memberships like Netflix etc.

The next best way would be pneumatic tubes. Or pipelines.

But to transmit actual products to people, the fastest way I see this happening in the near future is the nearest product match to you is selected from the store, placed in a robo-taxi and delivered to your door.

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