January 10th, 2021

Mission: To provide Cybertruck owners with more reasons to drive their Cybertrucks and make some money.

Technology: I think we go with PHP because @MFrunker @CodingMark, @MoeSalih_ have PHP skills (as do I) and these guys would be fun to work with.

Tesla's PHP jobs are mostly Drupal and Slim Framework. So I expect CybertruckServices.com will be built within Slim (+ Drupal if it makes sense).

Cybertrucks are not in production yet and Austin factory is making great progress. So it looks like if a business can be created to take advantage of Cybertruck opportunities, then now would be a great time to get a head start on such a business.

When owning a Tesla, especially in the beginning, you are looking for excuses to drive more. A site that allows new Tesla owners to drive their Tesla's more should have minimal friction in being adopted by the Tesla community.

The threat to this business model is Tesla doing it redundantly and better. That would make this project pointless. Since Tesla will have robo-taxi's, they will definitely have some means to allow access to Cybertrucks through the Tesla app.

The question remains, will Tesla want the behaviour of auxillary services such as plowing, or lawn mowing in their app? I doubt it. These would be markets Tesla just doesn't care about.

Measuring Success: The best case outcome is that what we build is useful for Tesla and Tesla can reduce the friction and improve the experience by either giving us exclusive API access to enhance the product, or absorb the project completely into their codebase.

Success can also be measured by the number of Tesla owners who use the system and are able to drive more as a result. Lastly, success could also be measured by the number of satisfied customers who purchase lawn mowing or snow plowing services through CybertruckServices.

There is some likelihood that Tesla is doing this already. But I give it a < 10% probability.

If I am wrong, doing a great job on this can reward contributing members with experience in Drupal, Slim and showing our dedication to the Tesla mission. That is, we improve our Tesla application.

Optimal path of least resistance: It would save us ample time if we had the composer.json file for a Tesla project. The Cybertruck website appears to use Drupal. Slim may be used more for the Tesla Insurance side. Or they could be used in some combination. If we could fork a starter branch off of Tesla's codebase, something that would be enough to give us Routes and ACL, it would improve our chances of being a good software fit for Tesla to absorb in the future.

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