January 5th, 2021

Nov 30th $TSLA traded at $567/share.

Here is the most recent from Short Squeeze which is updated to ~Dec 15. Note Short Decreased position by 3%. Share price was $633.25.

In that time, TSLA short value went from $26.4B to $28.6B.

To project for Jan 01, we have stock price going from $633.25 ~Dec 15 to $727.77 Jan 04.

If TSLA short decreased position by 3% the graphs would extrapolate as a down trend on the left and on the right the short value would increase to $31.9B.

If shorts want to keep their $28.6B loss consistent, they will need to trim position from 45.2M shares to 39.29M. Dump 14%, not just the 3% like last month.

The margin calls are coming. The margin calls are coming.

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