November 11th, 2020

I have an idea for a platform which I believe could distrupt Amazon and create a SuperCharger buying frenzy.

If this platform has already been thought of, I would love a chance to join the team.

How to disrupt Amazon? Deliver more things better than Amazon.

What we have today:
If you buy from Amazon, you may get it next day. It is faster to buy from a store. That is, the time it takes to go to the store, shop and go home.

First Principles Approach:
Finding the product in seconds and having the nearest product immediately move towards you as fast as possible will result in the least amount of time it can take to obtain a new physical purchase.

How to improve:
1: Requirest best online shopping platform which maintains inventory/price/options for all stores around SuperChargers
2: Store co-operation such that employees prepare and bring orders out to autonomous vehciles in the parking lot
3: Autonomous delivery

It therefore disrupts Amazon by providing a faster purchase experience.

But how does it create a SuperCharger buying frenzy?

If you provide the best buying experience, but is only supported by stores located in the same parking lots as SuperChargers, then the demand for SuperCharger real-estate will increase.
When demand for real-estate increases, adding new SuperChargers is a natural way to increase supply, thus creating a SuperCharger buying frenzy.

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