October 9th, 2020

I believe I did this Twinkle animation when my daughter was very young some years ago.


I remember it took me dozens of hours. I dissected an old Python phonics parser and used the deprecated UI to create a config file to line up the words with parts of the song. With the config file it generated, I was able to plot the times when to display the words.

It also helped time lip synchronization. I could have probably done a better job on that, but what I was really after was seeing what it would look like to use Greensock's SVG Morphing plugin. So instead of flashing mouth movement like cartoons do this transitions the tongue and lip shapes from one syllable to the next. You can barely notice though and ended up not being worth the effort.

This was a YouTube phase I was going through. I filmed the animation and published it on YouTube. Sadly, I did so under an account I was paying Google to manage the email for and when I decided I didn't want to commit to $10/month for that domain any longer, my YouTube channel FunInter.net got canceled.

Oh well. The HTML version is cooler anyway.

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