October 7th, 2020

The Starlink license agreement could be hugely impactful to civilization.

Consider the possibilities.

If SpaceX decides to distribute satellites at a complete loss and privileges selected few with the dishes themselves it can remove the right to exclusivity.

This would open access to the receiver to anybody who is within range of the receiver who subscribes to Starlink.

As a Starlink customer, I would greatly appreciate autoconnection to Starlink wifi anywhere available.

This can drastically increase the number of people using the service and remove almost all barriers to entry.

As more and more receivers are produced the coverage gets better and better. Maybe the guy next to your campsite brought his receiver on his Cybertruck. Now you have wifi camping.

Cybertrucks would make amazing hotspots.

But it needs to be worked in to terms and conditions so that others can share.

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