July 22nd, 2020

Clean Code Studio has done a great job with the Slim Auth tutorial. Check it out here:

  1. Setup Slim
  2. Views With Blade
  3. Psr-4 Autoloading
  4. Controllers
  5. Service Providers
  6. Pretty Whoops Error Page
  7. Env Variables Files
  8. Http Kernel
  9. Eloquent DB Setup
  10. Database Migrations, Seeds, & Factories
  11. Slim Console Commands
  12. Vue js front-end
  13. Tailwind CSS Setup - https://tailwindcss.com/
  14. Register, Login & Logout
  15. Guest & Auth Redirect Middleware
  16. Preparatory Refactor
  17. Csrf Verification
  18. Request Validation
  19. Validation Messages & Syfony Sessions
  20. "Flash" Errors To Form & Validation Rules Dependent on Database
  21. Old Input Form Population
  22. Controllers Cleanup
  23. Reset Password Foundation
  24. Mailable Part 1
  25. Mailable Part 2
  26. Reset Password Via Email
  27. "Flash" Success Messages

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