July 12th, 2020

As a user, I want to be able to search "cheap tape" or "expensive tape" and have the outcome bring to to relevant filtered results. Or even "cheap scotch tape"

Bear in mind, the "Adhesive Tape" category isn't that sexy. This would make better use cases for "cheap laptop" or "high-end computer chair" or other more s3xy categories.

But the goal is consistent. Allow for search strings to incorporate into price filtration.

To my Category Search Terms tool, I added "cheap tape" and "bulk tape" search terms which map to low price and high price tape respectively.

Good enough, that should yield results when I search:

Which brings me to this search result:

Category: Adhesive Tapes (Cost: Low)

So now, I just need to catch the _GET filter for Cost: Low and map this to 0 - 50% cost.

Well, that all happened much faster than I expected. I really like this search feature in that we can train and map keywords to price Low, Medium, High now. Here is another example:

I am happy with this result.

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