June 5th, 2020

1 Year ago, TSLA was trading at $205.95.

And what a roller coaster ride it has been.

In December 2019, TSLA passes $400 for the first time ever. And with a 2X gain in the last 6 months, you might think it was headed for market correction.

It was then when I wrote the article - Prediction: TSLA will hit $600/share as soon as June 2020. Maybe even $800/share?

It hit $800 twice, and everything in between 3 times.

Do realize, these predictions happened in December before Covid-19.

It raises the question. Where would TSLA be without Covid-19?

Tesla has really gone into secretive mode. They are doing a lot of non-public things to the extent where it takes people like Sandy Munroe to reveal.

How crazy are things behind the scenes at Telsa? Nobody leaked the Cybertruck. How crazy is that? Honestly, maybe the craziest thing Tesla has done is managed to unveil Cybertruck without any leak. Consider how much employee loyalty that would take and how well-run the program must have been.

Elon has his eye on exponential growth. With Model Y being ready in China, and Germany and Texas with Semi and Cybertruck, Tesla could go from producing 500,000 cars to a 2M vehicle production rate as soon as end of 2021.

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