February 17th, 2020

This is one of my least certain speculations, but it stems from the question, what is Tesla going to do with all the replaced HW2 in the HW3 upgrades?

Thousands, if not tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands?) of replaced HW2 modules will be inherited by Tesla in the coming months as they upgrade to HW3. While HW3 may be 21X more powerful than HW2, the computers were still nonetheless designed to read video input and output self driving instructions.

Tesla may or may not have plans for these modules but one such plan could be the reason their massive data training program “Project Dojo” is still incomplete. While the development of this project can and likely is well under way, the scale of the computation might currently be the limiting factor.

Add racks of thousands of HW2 boards and you might just have the missing piece to the puzzle.

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