February 17th, 2020

If you’ve been following Tesla, you will likely be aware of the upcoming Battery Investor (Company Day) in April at GF2 Buffalo.

As Ivan from the EV Stock Channel points out here:


Nickel takes up a large percentage of the Li-ion cell composition.

And with Canada being near Tesla and a producer of nickel, it would make sense that now is a good time to get in on Canadian Nickel before everybody else figures this out.

I intend to get in to at least every single Canadian Nickel company just a little. But weigh my portfolio to the best as I follow them.

I did this before with some success when I speculated that MJ would get legalized by Trudeau and it worked out well.

But in some cases it worked out horribly. The key is, to figure out which ones will be best. “Best” can be a little tricky as it could be best market cap which is not what I am looking for. I am looking for the best “growth potential”.

Tesla intends on moving battery production from 50GW to 1500-2000GW. Which is crazy growth. And nickel will be in demand by Tesla that much more. And with other OEMS coming into the nickel space, nickel will likely increase in demand and price.

Not every blog I write is complete. This one will be a perpetual work in progress as I refine my research on Canadian nickel stocks.

Here are the ones I am looking at and their stock prices.

CompanySymbolYearly ProductionShare Price
Nickel Creek PlatinumNCP?$0.08
RNC MineralsRNX?
Giga MetalsGIGA?$0.32
Garibaldi ResourcesGGI?$0.81

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