November 30th, 2019

I maintain the claim, we have much more in store for us with Cybertruck. That the event was more than enough at one time to begin us processing.

The most important piece of the unveil was the price so that people looking for vehicles in those price ranges begin starting to consider seeing themselves getting in/out of Cybertrucks mentally.

The question remains, did Tesla get too ambitious? Are there some features which are beyond what is legal? We could point to the lack of side mirrors as one questionable point. But I am more interested in the indestructibility.

I can't recall Tesla getting in trouble with the designs in terms of legality before, but it would be part of the process in terms of design. And with so many laws, even with good intentions, it is possible to break one unknowingly.

So what about this glass. The breakable unbreakable glass. In terms of keeping me safe, I am more than happy with very good probability of no injury. After-all, nobody is offering an alien abduction-proof model of anything.

The Armoured glass on the Cybertruck does have some ridiculous claims. At least pertaining to the Semi, the promise is that it can survive a nuclear explosion or your money back.

So as long as the glass breaks, and I live, I can get a full refund I expect. Not sure if this counts or not for Cybertruck purchases, but probability would dictate yes.

Let's assume either the glass didn't break (as was intended) and/or Elon revamps this glass to make it even more unbreakable by the time of deliveries.

There is no doubt that this could be very successful in keeping people out. However, if you were dying inside the vehicle, and the person who needs access to you to save your life is on the other side of the door, what is the probability of death.

This raises many questions. If the airbags explode, can you access the door to exit? Or at least let aid in?

What is the probability of the car catching fire?

If the door doesn't function, can you break the window as a last resort?

These are some serious questions and concerns. If Tesla has not yet figured these out, they will need to.

But they seem extremely competent and confident, so I am going to assume they have.

First, as we have seen, there exists some conditions where "glass is glass and glass breaks".

Once you remove Jerry's sorcery, the glass will likely not break.

So you have a truck, and what if you catch fire? I think this is going to be a big surprise. One that isn't talked about a huge amount in terms of the upcoming battery and power train investor day. But I fully expect Tesla's new battery to be a solid state, dry electrode which doesn't combust.

And since Tesla places so much structural integrity in the exoskeleton, the probability of getting crushed in the vehicle or the vehicle damaged to the point where doors don't work is far lower than any other Tesla vehicle.

And if you aren't on fire in a crushed vehcile, then the doors probably work fine and a paramedic could easily extract you out of the vehicle.

Will the truck be safe for everybody else on the road? Well, if the camera's work as intended, the vehicle should be good at avoiding most things.

I expect Tesla will pull off FSD especially by the time Cybertruck comes out. And with that, the chance of hitting a pedestrian or cyclist will be the lowest and getting increasingly lower.

All-in-all, I am pretty stoked about this Cybertruck. I reserved as soon as I could, ~5 mins in. I failed 3 times on my tablet before attempting on my PC, getting server overload messages followed by success.

I will say, I like the look of the Cybertruck. But I don't "love it" yet. I don't think I loved the Model 3 look either until I could configure it and stare at MSM with turbines whenever I wanted.

I am really looking forward to the Cybertruck configurer. Wish I could help work on it.

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