November 29th, 2019

Current Elevator Problems

  1. Crowded
  2. Wait to get on
  3. Something disgusting in the corner
  4. Wait for other people to get off
  5. Some kid hits the buttons for every floor
  6. Limited personal capacity
  7. Slow

Don't you love pressing the elevator button and the door immediately opens? What if there was an elevator that knew you were coming and was at your right floor right when you needed it?

What if being in the elevator was no less disruptive than driving?

What is the best driving experience we can bring to an elevator?

How low can we get the wait time?

Could we make an elevator that is simply a continuation of the road right to your apartment?

How can an elevator cover the most ground with the least space?

How can we do it the most energy efficient way possible?

Put another way, how would a Boring system like this handle traffic at the end most efficiently for several people who live/work in the same building?

This is a work in progress.

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