November 26th, 2019

I have heard a lot of people say that the mood got sucked out of the room when the steel ball hit the window on the Cybertruck.

I can see that. But I have also heard something else I don't believe. That after this happened, Elon couldn't wait to get off the stage and he cut the presentation short.

I can't say for sure he didn't, but what if he didn't? Here is why, I don't think he did.

  1. The presentation had enough. There was not a lack of amazing things on the presentation. Price alone was a mic drop. How many can one person really handle all at once? 1? 3? 10? 100? At some point, it makes sense to disperse all the good news over many different occasions.
  2. YouTube Interviews. Why reveal every great thing about the Cybertruck at the unveil? If he did that, he would end up on Joe Rogan with nothing new. Elon would want to reveal something awesome on Joe Rogan.

I need not go on. 1 and 2 are reason enough.

So assuming I am right, we have numerous things about the Cybertruck coming up in soon interviews. I can't wait.

Elon, if you are reading this, please do an interview with Gali from Hyperchange. That would be amazing. That guy will literally shit his pants if you drop news on him.

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