November 21st, 2019

How can one double their position on Tesla? Well, if you were to buy low and sell high in the last 6 months, you would have doubled your money.

How can you capitalize on Tesla volatility?

Let's start with 1000 shares. When is the best time to get in? Obviously at the bottom. So how do you know if it will go down? There are really good clues. A bad tweet from Elon that gets attention from the SEC is a really good clue.

Tesla has a lot of adversaries. Many are actually just future allies who don't know it yet, but in the meantime, adversaries.

To leverage these adversaries in an attempt to drive the stock down you can have them pressure the places they funnel wicked amounts of cash for ads.

Although this is going on fairly consistently, it gets amplified by a bad tweet or really anything you can point to Elon and say that was a mistake.

Historically after Elon sent out a tweet that got the attention of the SEC, it would have been a great move to get out of the stock.

When do you get in? When the stock goes down by 25%.

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