August 9th, 2019

I don't normally do political posts, and I am not even American. So I feel like I can objectively point out how awesome Bernie Sanders is.

He wants America to work for the majority of the people, not the 1% and I believe he means it.

It was a mistake to put Hillary as the candidate in the last election. The truth is, a Russian intervention on the election probably could not have happened on Bernie because he doesn't have a hacked email account with skeletons all over the place.

And it wasn't just email. Hillary's husband got head from interns. It neutralised the whole "grab her by the pussy" counter smear.

I admit Russia tried to intervene. But they only succeeded to the point which Hillary was exploitable and it was enough.

So, let's give Russia that power back. We will give them Facebook ads and algorithms that target American's with their content and see how they fair. Let's even give Russia full access to Bernie's email. Do you think Russia will convince America to vote for Trump over Bernie?

The DNC fucked up big time by putting Hillary as the prime candidate.

Funny thing is, the whole narrative of the issue - Russia hacked the election.

And why? Because the DNC candidate lost? Because she lost to Trump? I guess a slight majority of the population has strong convictions against Trump. And that is enough to make shit go viral and grow the movement.

Not that it needed help going viral, what with the "russia hacked the election" echo chamber and all. Russia did it. Russia did it.

Russia did what? Hack email like they always do? Share that hacked email with the world like they always do?

The funniest part of all of this, is that despite Trump's ties to Russia, if Bernie Sanders is the prime candidate, even Russia would want that.

Why? Because Bernie wants to cut the funding of all the Corporate dicks. The polluters, the cartels, and especially the Military Industrial Complex.

This is what Russia really wants. America weaker. They want it not to be top priority to surround Russia with military bases in striking distance at all times.

So with Sanders you have a very different America. If he doesn't win, then a like minded DNC candidate will be in his place.

Unless the DNC is corrupted by big money like it was last time.

Russia might have tipped the scales to smear Hillary. But they didn't do it because they loved Trump. They did it because they hate Hillary.

I wrote this article before watching "Hem Hem Hem Hem Hem. Only in interests of Democracy." When my friend Chris started talking about how atrocious it was that "Russia hacked democracy", I immediately pointed out that Russia spent ~$23M. Nothing compared to Hillary's $1.5B budget. I was incorrect. I seemed to have cited different numbers. According to this video Hillary didn't outspend Russia by 65:1. She only outspent Russia 53:1. I knew U.S. was most guilty of election meddling around the world. I didn't know that the Russians were primarily spreading U.S. sources of mainstream media which vilified Hillary. Not surprised.

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