August 5th, 2019

Wow. So Neuralink has been on my radar for quite some time and it looks like they are taking some pretty major steps in terms of technology design.

It has to be tested. This is no small feat. Testing will be done to the point where there is a high comfort level to have human trial.

Humans with the most to gain from sense restoration will be first in line. Hearing will likely be improved as they make progression on the cochlear knowledge-base.

Restoring sight to the blind will likely be very difficult. I expect some years of a gap here. Potentially even decades. It could involve new camera engineering or maybe not.

And once you can restore sight and sound to the blind and deaf, why not build on that and take it as far as you can. Super sight and super hearing.

Super sight could involve different wavelength filters. It may use infrared, or night vision modes. And without even connecting to the brain, if you are seeing things with cameras, you can record video of it. You could add object recognition filters so that as you look around, object metadata can be loaded. Searching object you look at on Google or buying that object on Amazon are likely early implementations.

X-ray vision? Tsk tsk. Naughty naughty.

Super hearing could allow for amplification of distant sounds. It could run software filters which clean out background noise. You could hear multiple things like play a song which (like headphones) nobody else can hear. With voice recognition, filters could be applied such that particular voices may be filtered in or out so that you can hear only the person you want to or tune out somebody specific.

The ability to see or hear a message from someone without everybody around you is an awesome ability (telepathy). It will likely be high on the CIA's list of communication they want to illegally listen in on.

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