June 29th, 2019

//If you are reading this, I suggest you skip it. You have been warned.

At some point, Tesla will face the decision: [which car to make next?]

Hardware specifics that exist tangibly including paint colour, # motors, performance, battery size, r/l hand drive etc. need to be built in batches.

Tesla will want to minimize the downtime of assembly lines. So changes in lines would likely be as minor as possible. Loading different paint colours, for example, would require different bodies loaded, but no other changes to robotic algorithms. On the other hand, switching from left hand drive will require several differences such as different pedal and wheel installation algorithms.

The first goal would be to minimize major assembly line alterations. You would want to start your first assembly line with what is available first. And you would also want what is available first to be ~ the most profitable model.

As you open a second or third assembly line you could focus on doubling your capacity by replicating your first line or you could get a bit ambitious and introduce something drastically different like dual motor.

//This article is really not going how I wanted it to. So I am abandoning it before I waste any more time on this blabbering.

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