June 21st, 2019

I don't do many product reviews, but I thought I would do one for this set of headphones I have been using for a couple years.

Spend some hundreds of dollars. Sound quality has been basically subjectively perfect. It is how I expect things to sound now.

Since headphones are so close to your ears, they have to be really good to notice top quality.

If the headphones had a subwoofer, they would be as good as the Model 3 Premium Sound.

One critisism is that my ear cushions have popped a seam. Not rendering them useless, but it isn't as good an experience putting on all puffed up foam and try to sneak your ear in.

Replacement parts are pretty cheap on ebay, and if the ones that come from Bose only last a couple years, then why pay $45 on Bose? The only valid reason to me is because they fixed their quality issues.

The real question is why does the ear pads only last 2 years in the first place?

As a consumer, I do not want to support lower quality shit that ends up in a landfill. Let's be done with that. Please do better with your ear pads Bose.

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