June 20th, 2019

California approves solar power law for new homes built from 2020

TSLAQ thinking is so short-sighted. Shorts have to exit. What the stock price is today only matters if you buy/sell today. For those who hold, it is the future value we seek.

Shorts can wave their fists and cry "demand is uncertain". But ultimately, being short is hella risky.

I think the TSLA bottom has happened. While another wave of FUD may occur, and another, and another, it can't outpace the waves of good news and actual positive things Tesla accomplishes.

TSLA is severely undervalued right now. The only way to [falsely] justify the current valuation is to by ignoring everything Tesla is working on, never drive a Tesla, avoid even looking at them, limit your data-point focus to a single earnings number on a single quarter, pull your pants down and let Goldman Sachs fuck you in the ass. Willing to do that? Welcome to team TSLAQ!

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