June 6th, 2019

On Aug 10 2018, I originally wrote about a Tesla intrusion detection system. It wasn't spot on, but it basically foresaw Tesla using cameras to detect intrusion.

As of a few weeks ago Sentry Mode has been updated to stay on and allow you to input more settings such as the ability to configure when Sentry Mode is on/off by location.

Pretty cool right? Now when you park it can monitor the situation for you automatically.

So are we done? Well, Sentry Mode is amazing, but it will be even more amazing in the future.

Back in January Daerik posted about Tesla Model 3 exterior noise makers. They weren't necessarily in the car yet in his video but let's assume it is coming as it is to be mandated according to that video.

So what do you you do with a noise maker? We will get to that in a bit.

If you have been paying attention to SpaceX, you may have noticed the recent launch of 60 (+2) Starlink satellites. Starlink will essentially blanket the planet with high speed internet and if Elon wanted to, he could provide exclusive access to Tesla. It would be a good way to test the connection.

So what does this all mean in terms of the future of Sentry Mode? Well the main limitation right now in terms of feature limitation is the cost for bandwidth. Tesla is trying to keep the budget as tight as possible, so justifying streaming video of your car is out of the question at this point.

But assuming it doesn't constantly stream, you could connect to your car with your cell phone and perhaps view a camera. Starlink will make this possible.

And if you are monitoring your vehicle real-time, and you see somebody breaking into it, you can call the police and inform them that you have called the police.

With the exterior speaker, you can yell at them before they touch your car. Warn them off.

So basically, microphone/cameras/speakers will be available to you real-time from your cell phone.

And my original prediction of Elon charging $10/mo to have Sentry Mode. It will be $70/mo for Starlink. So Tesla doesn't make the money, but SpaceX does. Perhaps Starlink will have a referral program where Tesla makes 50% for referring users.

And for that $70/mo, you get full internet. The best internet. Internet you could never overuse. Internet that reaches locations you had no bars. Basically anywhere on Earth. And with that, you can monitor your car in real-time from any authorised device.

Also, you can probably cancel your cell phone plans, home phone plans, and internet. So the $70/mo replaces $210/mo and you save $140/mo.

Driving a Tesla just got even cheaper for you.

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