June 4th, 2019

UThinking about getting a Hybrid? It might seem like a good idea if you talk to a Hybrid owner. They may even save upwards of 90% on gas.

The problem with hybrids is the sheer number of parts. To keep them cost competitive you need literally the cheapest of both worlds.

As such, any company still making hybrids is basically manufacturing a 28.8 bps modem in 1996. It’s amazing compared to the 14.4 bps modem (the ICE vehicle equivalent).

And although there may be some room for improvement left (like a 56.6 bps) it is like heading to 1997 on the cusp of mainstream broadband.

Tesla’s are a leap from ICE cars. A fair comparison would be high speed internet vs. early dial up.

What is even more exciting (and even more relevant to interrnet leaps) is that SpaceX is likely on the cusp of doing to broadband what broadband did to dial-up.

If I am right, the internet should be stable (under concrete?) or potentially stable, higher bandwidth, wider spread, fast (potentially 1minute registration) setup. And the cost? Probably not free, but definitely competitive to or less than you are paying now.

Elon musk disrupts. What more can I say?

Update Dec 9 2019:

Some prior speculation turns out too ambitious. While it remains to be seen what the signup time will be online, it probably is a minute. But the internet will require a receiver which needs to be setup and will take more time.

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