June 2nd, 2019

I paid for cable. It cost me $70/mo to sit through tonnes of commercials.

Wife pays like $10/mo for Netflix. No commercials at all and tonnes of content.

It is a weird gap between commercials and not commercials. The Netflix membership really has nothing to do with why I am not converting. Just thought it would be interesting to illustrate.

The real reason is because I used to pay $70/mo and sit through fucking commercials. I was paying a lot of money to be advertised to.

YouTube doesn't charge me anything to be advertised to. That makes sense. They advertise to me, but let me skip the ads if I want. That is pretty awesome. So, when I compare that to $70/mo with way worse commercials, free to be sit through usually 5 seconds of ads to is an outstanding deal.

When somebody advertises to you, that is worth money. If you aren't getting your cut of that money, you should at least me getting shit you want to watch for free.

Cable Networks... do they think their content is really worth that much money? Then they flood the airwaves with reality shit you could see at home if you'd just turn off the fucking television and interact with humans.

YouTube is a great deal. And since I cut out cable, I don't really get that many ads. Like billboards and Facebook and Google search results, but not much video.

So, I kind of like ads now. You target them to me. Cater to my interests. And if weren't for these ads, I wouldn't really see any shit people want to sell me.

Anyways... I am sure your "Premium Offer" is awesome. But it is low priority to try for me. Thanks for the free w/ad version.

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