May 25th, 2019
  1. Deliver electric cars (Most electric cars sold in U.S)
  2. Make electric motors (fast and awesome)
  3. Make software upgradable cars (minimal static inputs and most feature rich with OTA updates)
  4. Produce factories (Shanghai has been on world record pace thus far)
  5. Autonomy. They have all the correct seeds planted to have these vehicles learn how to drive better and better.
  6. Vehicle security. Sentry Mode is far better than anything else out there.
  7. Anti-theft
  8. Range. The efficiencies built in are excellent. Further efficiencies can be applied with software.
  9. Charging network. Some customers can even charge for free. Also free Kms with referrals.
  10. Issue resolution. Tesla forces tickets through website or app so all customer issues can be logged, knowledge pooled, DIY videos produced, software/config fixes could be pushed, Rangers could be dispatched and worst case you have to bring your car in to a Service Centre.
  11. Safety. S3X Tesla vehicles rank least probable to be injured.
  12. Personalization. With driver profiles saving seat and mirror positions and calendar syncing, vehicle avatars in app.
  13. Preconditioning tools. Get your temperature perfect from the app before you drive. Also updatable OTA, where they have added new features seat warming.
  14. In car gaming. Yes this is a thing in Tesla’s. And Tesla is in need of a new driving game that uses wheel and pedals.

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