May 23rd, 2019

In Canada, it is hard to cover all the ground. Many of my favourite spots have poor connections. Places I could never live because I couldn’t work. Places I can’t stay long because I need to get back to an internet connection.

And for my spotty internet connections I pay for cell phone and home internet totalling about $150/month. My wife's addition cell plan adds to the expenses.

It raises the question, does it have to be this way? Some very impressive projects have been proposed to blanket the planet with high speed. The plans were backed by the biggest players Google’s Loon Project and Facebook’s

Such big players it seems almost a fools errand to break into that market. But that is exactly what SpaceX intends on doing with Project Starlink.

Poised with the advantage of launching and landing rockets first, Starlink is launching it’s first 60 satellites tonight in moments. Would I rather pay for internet to SpaceX or Cogeco and Freedom Mobile? Well, it’s a no brainer. If I could get a decent connection that is more accessible from a wider area, I would pay more. A solid 20Mbps is sufficient for my needs. Sold at $150/month. I would probably pay for it as a redundant connection in the meantime and not renew with Cogeco and Freedom when I am not contractually obliged to.

I wish SpaceX great success with this venture.

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