April 29th, 2019

Thank you.

Really. Thank you all so much. I get that it can be annoying when the work you do is credited to somebody else. But understand that as consumers, we are so happy with our products that we want to thank you and shake your hand, but we don't know you exist.

To the tens of thousands of people that were necessary to Design, Engineer, Architect, Select & Source Materials, Recruit, Assemble, Develop Software, Test, Liaise, Manage, Direct, Decide, Delegate, Revise, Invent, Combine, Learn & Understand, Assure Quality, Promote, Legal Stuff, Co-ordinate, and anything I have missed, Thanks a whole heap mon!

My car is a symbol of hope for humanity. Proof that humans can come together and build something so amazing, it raises my doubts Humans could ever do better.

You guys are the best at what you do. I hope your jobs fulfil you. I hope you enjoy your job as much as we enjoy our cars.

Your devoted fan,

Jeff Sturgis

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Software Developer always striving to be better. Learn from others' mistakes, learn by doing, fail fast, maximize productivity, and really think hard about good defaults. Computer developers have the power to add an entire infinite dimension with a single Int (or maybe BigInt). The least we can do with that power is be creative.