April 28th, 2019

So, I received this Infinity Facebook ad

It immediately hit me up for my postal code.

It doesn’t need to do that. The best a postal code can give you is a neighbourhood. And maybe because of me entering my old postal code from back when I lived in Mississauga, they will start to get flyers in the mail from Infinity.

How does knowing my postal code help me shop for an Infinity easier?

To make it worse, there was no label on the field. Only placeholder text. As I started entering a postal code, I lost the placeholder and beneath the field it said something like “Enter city”.


I was confused so I erased the field thinking it was supposed be the city and no label existed to make clarify. I found it was in fact the postal code because the placeholder returned after I emptied the field. As I began to re-enter my erroneous postal code, an annoying speech bubble was hovering on a layer above the text field. I spend some minutes trying to figure out what part of the actual postal code I had entered. After numerous rejections I finally entered the postal code from where I lived 18 years ago. When it succeeded, I declared victory over their postal code challenge and bounced.

Wow. How can this car company compete when they put this huge roadblock in the way of getting visitors?

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