March 22nd, 2019

So you write some code to connect a few API's together between Billion Dollar Comany A and Billion Dollar Company B. Now products can flow through a process never before streamlined. From contract to stamp of approval all the previous human calculations are minimized.

Company A was great to work with. Company B, pretty good. And while you try to impress these companies so that your next contract would be bid between them, almost a year later and you are thinking that there is nothing more they want from you.

When along comes Company C. Not Company A (the bank) or Company B (the distributor) but Billion Dollar Company C (the goods). I didn't see that one coming.


Company C fell through. Onto Company D.

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Software Developer always striving to be better. Learn from others' mistakes, learn by doing, fail fast, maximize productivity, and really think hard about good defaults. Computer developers have the power to add an entire infinite dimension with a single Int (or maybe BigInt). The least we can do with that power is be creative.