March 14th, 2019

It was the 3rd quarter for 2018. I got a call from Tesla asking me if I wanted to proceed with my Model X purchase.

Seems like a pretty out of the blue thing. I mean it would be annoying solicitation if it were any other car company. But I was excited Tesla was calling me. I felt special. Then I realized they wanted my money, and I felt a bit less special.

They had no chance on selling me a Model X because I had only had my Model 3 for a month or two.

Now the Model Y comes out. I am registered to view the reveal in 30 minutes time. Today they got my name, email and phone number. And they cookied me through classic unique email link. I don’t mind.

Now I am thinking of how many Tesla employees had to make calls to try and reach thousands or even tens of thousands of people. And I am thinking about how Elon wants to get things to a point where humans don’t work any more. And I am realizing, that one computer can send email on the order of bandwidth. I haven’t done this since we had a 10 base T connection which sent at about the rate of 3/second.

Man I had some fun mass mailing. I don’t mean spamming. I mean sending hundreds of thousands of emails to hundreds of thousands of users who loved to get them. That is what emails are all about. And when you can do that, you can bank on consistent conversion that grows with the size of your list.

I am excited for the developer that gets to write the mass email system for Tesla. They will see tremendous success.

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