July 28th, 2018
Short sellers rely on media to perpetuate negative spin on everything Tesla does. But underneath every damning TSLA article, there is a best of breed silver lining...

Tesla probably needs to raise capital this year 

Rebuttal: Who gives a fuck?  They may need to build another 5 Billion dollar factory.  Will they need 5 Billion to do that?  Yes.  Where will that money come from?  If Elon needs to raise 20 Billion to build 4 more factories... I don't give a shit.  Give him the money and let him build the factories.  He is obviously good at making factories that make amazing products that AFAIK is better than anything out there or announced to be coming out in the next year.  Prove me wrong, I can admit I am wrong if you can provide evidence. If you were a country on planet Earth, would you not want Elon Musk to come to your country and build awesome shit and create a ton of jobs?

Tesla signs agreement to build cars in China so he needs to raise capital for a Gigafactory in China.  Elon Musk has said he doesn't need to raise capital.  Could Elon be so absent-minded that he forgot about a Gigafactory deal that might go through? Will it matter? Because the "Capital" that needs to be raised isn't USD.

Elon Musk has a lot of foes.  Mostly American.  I would go so far as to say Powerful American ( Oil/Energy/Car Companies/Gas Stations/Car Dealershps/Auto Workers Unions). Some of these extend across the world.  But do they reach China?  Can Elon Musk get away from the greedy Americans trying to manipulate TSLA with negative news?  I think so. I think he can do just that in China.  And, most other countries on the Planet.  It could have been the U.S.  Elon wanted it to be the U.S.  But these mother fuckers on Wall St. stand can't cheer him on and need to make it as difficult as they can for him.

Elon Musk Might Call Your Boss If You Write About Shorting Tesla Stock

Really?  Awesome.  So he goes as high up as he can and tries to gain a level of understanding about the chain of command and what could be done to address misconceptions from the highest level.  (Hint: All it would take is for a test drive in a Tesla.)

Elon Musk’s Twitter Rant Against Cave Rescuer Extreme Even for Him

Elon is doing his best to be CEO of several companies. This means he deals with a lot of failures and this must be extremely frustrating.  It is not uncommon to be a dick when you are frustrated.  I know I am.  I am thinking you are probably too.  At least with some people.  It is frustrating to try to help save some kids in a cave and have people dismiss your efforts.  Did you help those people in the cave?  If not, why would you judge him negatively and buy into an article that discourages really smart people from offering help? Thankfully, Elon has had enough success helping countries like Peurto Rico that such a dismissal should do little to discourage him from helping other countries in need of life-saving technology in the future. And what if such an occurrence happens? God forbid Elon Musk needs to raise USD to help some country in need.  Do you really wanting to be the guy that is short TSLA because you knew you were right and that Elon couldn't do another 6 months without raising capital? This is why I am TSLA Long. All in all, every negative story does nothing to dispute that TSLA makes the best cars.  The most technologically advanced cars.  That nothing is even close.  They are trying to buy some time so that other car companies can catch up, but TSLA is moving too fast.  Why?  Tesla has a huge advantage over their competition.  They are new.  They don't have 100 years of legacy bullshit holding them back.  They can skip all of the dial-up pains and go right to high speed.  They didn't overcomplicate their cars by making them hybrids.  They focused on Lithium Ion.  They became best of breed in Lithium Ion.          

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