July 19th, 2018

Gas savings was towards the bottom of the list of reasons why I wanted to get a Model 3.  To be honest, the car was so cool otherwise, the only reason gas was factored in was to reduce the distaste feeling I get at the gas station. As it turns out, Gas Savings and the fallout effect this causes is the best thing about the Model 3. The Model 3 is extremely fun to drive.  But unlike most fun to drive cars, it doesn't use gas.  In fact, the energy costs to drive a Tesla are so low, I consider them negligible.  Certainly negligible compared to paying for Gas.  I could drive this car 12X more and still pay less for fuel. What I didn't realize before buying the Model 3 was that when you combine these gas savings with a car that is so fun to drive, driving becomes a new pass time in life. When you forget a key ingredient at the grocery store, or when your relative asks you to drive them an hour away, the reaction is no longer negative, but quite the opposite.  Sweet, I get to go drive the Tesla! There are a few times in life when significant technological advancements bring on a vastly superior user experience.  I am talking about upgrading your dial-up to high speed.  Or getting an HD television after using a CRT.  Or a CD player instead of tape deck.  DVD player instead of VHS.  I compare getting the Model 3 to an equivalent experience enhancement due to major improvements in technology. That is all.  Go buy one. Full disclosure: I currently hold a long position in TSLA

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I am long TSLA and TSLA options. I am not a financial advisor. Investing in anything comes with inherent risk. This is not financial advice.