February 26th, 2018

Back in 2010, I started a business called Develevation. Dev Elevation. The name, although hard to pronounce, and for some people to write on cheques, identifies the company as one who raises the bar of web development. The website from 2010 was focused on the keywords for “Kingston web development”. It was built for desktops. It had a blog, but the posts in this blog really didn’t reflect my current views. Those posts became obsolete. So, this is my new website. It focuses on the skills I have acquired and the technolgies I have adopted. It will be much less of a website trying to sell “Kingston web development” and much more of a website that focuses on challenges I face and how I solve them. It will be my own personal technology bookmark and review system. It will be my playground for starting some open source projects, and messing around with Code-pens. I hope many people will teach me and learn from me through this website. Thank you for your attention.

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Software Developer always striving to be better. Learn from others' mistakes, learn by doing, fail fast, maximize productivity, and really think hard about good defaults. Computer developers have the power to add an entire infinite dimension with a single Int (or maybe BigInt). The least we can do with that power is be creative.