What is this technology good for?

Shopify is a rapid way to start selling your products online through your own brand.

It has a widely supported app system.  Product/Collection/Client/Order/Shipping Management systems.

It has good CMS features to allow you to manage page content, get themes/templates and edit them as needed with an IDE in admin tools.

It has a checkout system that integrates with most third-party delivery service API’s.  This gives merchants great flexibility in terms of delivery service they provide as well as shipping cost accuracy.

It handles payments so you don’t have to worry about compliance overhead.


Who can make use of this technology?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Storefronts

Where can I see examples of this technology?


What I like about this technology

I actually really like their checkout system.  I like their payment processing and shipping calculations and rules.

I find it nice to be able to modify theme templates/snippets/assets in the admin panel.

We only ever did custom themes, but I am sure their theme system is fairly decent.

What I dislike about this technology

*If I am doing things wrong, please let me know via email.

Leaky Bucket Algorithm

Finding things in their IDE is quite limited.  In particular, multifile searching could reduce the problem of finding a specific div tag that could take several minutes down to some seconds.  If I am really lost or new to a site, it is generally better for me to download a copy of the theme so that I can use external tools to find things quickly.

They could use quite a guidance from Tangent MTW of help in terms of improving B2B adoption.