JavaScript Development

What is this JavaScript good for?

JavaScript transforms static websites into dynamic websites.  You will commonly see JavaScript:

  • Detect if a form is filled out properly and let users know which field(s) need to be corrected
  • Show/Hide different elements on the page
  • Load information from an external source as needed
  • Animate page elements
  • Make calculations/conversions

Who can make use of JavaScript?

JavaScript isn’t mandatory.  You can settle for not having it.  But it makes websites and user experiences so much better.

JavaScript can detect things that your users do and make your website react to those interactions.  If the user isn’t using your page as intended, you can let them know instead of forcing them to figure things out through trial and error.

JavasScript is also very popular for mobile app development through technologies like Angular.js.  Using such a technology can save you quite a bit of time as opposed to building separate Java versions for IOS and Android etc.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is also a very popular way to store data as objects and databases like Firebase have adopted this syntax to provide an excellent means to transfer data to and from your website or mobile app.

Why should somebody use this technology over alternatives?

JavaScript doesn’t really have competition.  Flash can do things that JavaScript can but Flash was not adopted by Apple and that has to lead most developers abandoning Flash.

What I like about JavaScript?

JavaScript is a great language for developers to use to express their creativity because it is a front-end language which affects the user experience.  In contrast, most other languages occur behind the scenes and attention is only drawn to these technologies if they aren’t functioning as intended.

Areas of Expertise:

Node JS