Terms of Engagement

It only makes sense to hire me if I have access to my toolbox.

I require the following to work on projects:

  1. Linux Environment
  2. Shell Access

I can be very useful as part of a team with the above access.  If you wish me to administer the project, I will need admin access.

I work best on my own machine from home.  Working from home has many benefits like your client can be anywhere in the world and the lunch menu: Kraft Dinner.  It also reduces city traffic.

I work least efficiently when my job is to run down credentials for some system because nobody else is capable.  If necessary credentials are beyond an email request or spreadsheet lookup away, then you are pissing away money paying me to do that for you.

I work well doing the following development tasks:

  1. Connect systems together
  2. Speed up slow systems, optimise code or distribute workload
  3. Automate systems
  4. Manage and migrate data
  5. Test and uncover bugs
  6. Fix bugs and known issues or defects
  7. Install and configure Linux applications
  8. Development environment initialisation
  9. Software development

This makes the following tasks I do non-development but necessary:

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Time estimating
  3. Credential acquisition
  4. Consulting

Unless a client objection is raised, non-development tasks will be deemed billable hours.

Hours may be billed on a fixed term of hours or time period, by milestone or by project.  Payments can be made by cheque, Interac e-mail transfer or direct deposit.

Agreement of the above policy does not commit Develevation to any client.