What is this technology good for?

  • Wasting a lot of energy
  • Maintaining demand for Nvidia GPUS
  • Losing millions on a thumb drive
  • Getting scammed on Twitter
  • Smart contracts
  • NFTs

Who can make use of this technology?

People who are prepared to run daemons all the time, risk not losing 9 word passwords and have no clue what gas fees are.

Where can I see examples of this technology?






Why should somebody use this technology over alternatives?

In theory, you can circumvent high transaction fees when done right.  You can create smart contracts and NFTs and stuff like that.

What I dislike about this technology

I feel like Crypto originated as a means to transfer shady money.  When bitcoin mooned, so did a lot of shady money along with it.  Bitcoin is a product of what happens when shady money hits the jackpot.

There are a lot of Crypto scams that prey on N00bs and phish.

I don’t like the abundance of crypto currencies.  I don’t think we need so many.  We just need one really good one.